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Candace and I went on a “way too long” hike through the national park trails. after a long exhausting day we crushed Cracker Barrel.. the end.

on another note.. I just got a Yashica Mat 124G which will almost always replace my d700.. although film and processing is kind of expensive. We’ll see how that goes.

I prefer to shoot like this.. it feels better

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Here are some landscapes I did of from my trip to the Grand Canyon. I haven’t shot a landscape for so long. Over all I am pleased with these images.

Hope you enjoy.
Shot with a Nikon D700 and 14 – 24 2.8

click thumbnails to view larger!

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These photos are a little over due for posting.. so since I am in california and not wanting to get out of my hotel bed here it goes. Enjoy 🙂

We’ll be shooting again as well! So keep an eye out for those. These lovebirds get married in June btw -_-
there are more but not on my laptop currently.. sorry =*(







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